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“What’s the difference between successful and unsuccessful social pages?”

Business influencer Matt Gresia has spent the last six years studying the answers to this question.

September 2016
At 19, Matt Gresia founded Canswer Sock Co - a cancer benefiting sock brand. He grew the brand through influencer marketing, which sparked his passion for the creator economy.
December 2019
He then began making finance/ money/ creator economy-related content after realizing the potential of TikTok's algorithm.



To relight or rekindle (a light, flame, etc.)

August 2020
Reached one million TikTok followers and became an official TikTok Partner through their #LearnOnTikTok Program.

Account as of Oct 2021 ⬇️

December 2021
After seeing content potential in his grandma (or "Nonna," as the Italians say), Matt created and fully managed a cooking TikTok account for her.

After only 30 videos posted, the account surpassed 1M followers.

April 2022
After years of studying what helps brands succeed with social media, Matt noticed a large hole in the market:

Collectively, brands spend billions of dollars every year on influencer marketing. That spend gets them exposure and conversions, but once their partnerships end, they’re left without an asset they can continue to leverage. Knowing that himself and his team are well-positioned to scale TikTok accounts, Matt began searching for brand partners who would allow him to work his magic.

May 2022
Matt started a partnership with BlackRock, where they put him behind the wheel and allowed him to run their account.
August 2022
🚀 FUSE launches
After settling into his BlackRock partnership, Matt noticed how well it worked for the finance giant. His passion and success sparked the desire to help other brands, particularly startups, with their short-form efforts.

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